These children have been kidnapped for 3989 days, 1 hour

Yehezkel Hanan
Yehezkel Hanan
Age when abducted:
4 years 10 months
Israel Haim
Israel Haim
Age when abducted:
2 years 10 months
Yoshua Itai
Yoshua Itai
Age when abducted:
2 years 10 months

Yeladim yekarim, et ha atar internet haze asiti miyad aharei she lakhu othem le brazil ki ani meod oheb otchem. Ha sipur al ma she kara hi meod aroch abal meod pashut: im mishehu omer lahem she ani azavti otchem, o she ani lo rotze ledaber itchem, hem anashim raim ve anashim shakranim. Kasher atem tihiu yoter gdolim, va atem tahzeru habaita le Israel, ani kvar esaper lahem kol ma she kara. Ve gil 18 atem kvar yeholim lehagia le shagrirut Israel be brazil ve lekabel darkon Israeli. Taase kesher iti miyad aharei she korim et ha hodaa ha ze ve ani ishlach lachem kartis matos lahzor habaita le Israel.

Tzar li lehagid lahem, aval sham be brazil ein lahem mishpaha amiti, ve ein lahem haberim amitim. ha siba she ima shelaham lo natan lachem ledaber iti ze ki hi meshuga legambre, ve ha orim ve ahim shela hem gama meshugaim legambre. kol ha anashim haele ganavim, ve ze ha siba she hem halchu lagur le brazil, she ze medina shel anashim raim. Ve hasiba she hem itzlihu laazot et ze, hi she be brazil kol ha shilton, ha shoftim, ve ha mishtara, hem anashim raim ve mushatim.

Aval ioter garua mi kulam ze irgun shel chabad. chabad irgenu et kol ma she kara po, hem amru la ima shelachem she ikchu lachem le brazil ve she lo iten li ledaber itchem. ve kol ma she nisiti laasot vemesheh hashanim bishvil ledaber itchem ve lehahzir othem habaita le Israel, anshei chabad lo natnu li laasot. ve hem itzlihu shuv, ki kol mi she tzarich laazor et ha yeladim, kmo mishtara, shoftim, ve od anashim va shilton, kulam anashim mushatim, ve she lo meanien laazor le af ehad.



It's not nice to talk bad about other people, we don't like to do that, but in a situation like this, where crimes against children are being committed, one must talk and act to help and protect the lives of innocent and good children.

The following are some quotes said by the people who looked into this case:

The following are some quotes by the Florida Police:

"The police that you see on TV is not like the police you have in real life. On TV, when a child is kidnaped, the entire police department gets involved, and you have several detectives working full time in this single case to recover the child. But in real life, if you have 10 detectives in the Police Department, each one of those detectives gets 100 new cases every day, and they only have time to look into 10 of those cases, which is usually not enough time to do anything about it."

"Divorce lawyers are criminals with a license to steal."

"Don't worry about it, if something happens to one of your children, you will immediately get back the other two."

"We don't want to deal with crazy women, we already have enough crazy women here in Florida to bring another one from Brazil."

"Every year over 1,000 women kill their own children here in the USA. We believe Smadar Hameiry is capable of killing her own children, because a woman who kidnaps her own children is a woman who can also kill her own children."

"At least she didn't kill you"

And here is what the State Attorney's Office said:

"Technically speaking, Smadar Hameiry committed several crimes when she took the children to Brazil. But we don't want to file criminal charges against her because it's too much time and too much money."

An FBI agent stated the following:

"The important thing is to keep the children alive. If we try to recover the children she might just decide to kill them. So it's better to just not do anything."

"Brazil is the biggest jail in the world. All the criminals in the world run away to Brazil, where the Brazilian government is protecting them from deportation to Justice. The punishment of Smadar Hameiry is to be in Brazil."

About 20 divorce lawyers and 8 immigration lawyers were consulted. Here are some things they said:

"Howard Poznanski and Diana Levy (the chabad lawyers in Florida who told Smadar Hameiry to kidnap the children to Brazil) are a couple of criminals. They told a woman and assisted her in kidnaping the children to Brazil. They should both be thrown in jail and their legal licenses cancelled."

"The police are the biggest criminals in Florida."

An official from the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), the Florida State Police, provided some statistics in relation to parental child abductions in Florida. In Palm Beach County, and the rest of South East Florida, thousands of children are parentally abducted every month, and the Police doesn't do anything about it.

A lawyer who specializes in this type of cases stated:

"The reason the Police ignores all parental abduction cases is because people in the USA are stupid, and the most stupid people are in the Police."

"When the Police and the State Attorney's Office ignore all cases of parental child abduction, they are basically encouraging and promoting these type of crimes against children."

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is officially opposed to the Police filing any criminal charges against parental child abductors. According to the NCMEC, over 750,000 children are abducted every year in the USA, most are parental abduction cases. Every year the NCMEC gets over $500 Million Dollars from the government and private donors.

"Obviously, the NCMEC is opposed to the Police filing criminal charges against parental child abductors, because if the Police starts throwing people in jail for doing that, then people would stop doing that, and the NCMEC will be out of business."

Every year over 10,000 children from the USA are abducted to other countries. The US State Department is the agency dealing with those cases. They have NEVER recovered ANY abducted children simply because their official policy is to NEVER recover any children. Over 1 Million people signed a petition to the USA government that the US Department of Justice deal with these cases instead, and that criminal charges be filed against ALL parental abductors, but the petition was rejected by the USA government.

The Brazilian lawyers, recommended by the US State Dept and the Brazilian agency dealing with these cases, stated that:

"Brazil will never return your children because the Brazilian government and the Judges dealing with these cases are all a bunch of corrupt criminals. And we love the fact that they are all a bunch of criminals, because if they would be doing their jobs we would not be making any money."

"If you come to Brazil you will be arrested and thrown in jail until you pay the crooked Judges and the Police a lot of money, and then you will be taken directly to the airport, and you will still not be allowed to see your children. This is just how the system works."

Other Brazilian lawyers stated that: "Brazil is NEVER going to return your children to the USA or to Israel. Even if you pay us a Million Dollars there is nothing we can do about it. And any lawyer who tells you anything else is just trying to steal your money."

One of the people working in the Brazilian agency responsible for returning abducted children stated that: "We are never going to let these Jewish children go back to Israel."

The Israeli Ministry of Justice responsible for handling international parental abduction cases refused to accept the Hague case being transferred from the USA to Israel because:

"The Brazilians are a bunch of criminals who are never going to return the children anyway."

But when they were told by the children's father that Smadar Hameiry wanted to return to Israel with the children so if the case is moved to Israel she just has to say yes and she will return to Israel with the children, the person from the Ministry stated that:

"We already have enough crazy women here and we don't need to bring another one from Brazil. Even if Smadar Hameiry is allowed to return to Israel with the children, she is still not going to let you talk to them, and she will continue harming them. The only way that Smadar Hameiry will be allowed to return to Israel with the children is if she signs an agreement stating that she will let you talk to your children. Otherwise, we don't want her in Israel."

An Israeli lawyer stated that:

"The entire Israeli government and the Mossad were not able to extradite Yosef Menguele from Brazil to face Justice in Israel. And this was a mass murderer. So the chances you have to convince the Brazilian government to do anything about a mother who is in Brazil with her children is zero. And even if she comes back to Israel with the children, she will still not let you talk to them. In fact, you should pray that she never comes back to Israel because she will just try to make problems."

3 Israeli Judges reviewed this case and were asked to assist Smadar Hameiry in returning to Israel with the children. 2 of them actually contacted Smadar Hameiry in Brazil and got a response from her. They asked her if she wanted to return to Israel with the children, and if so, what can they do to help. They also asked her why she is refusing to let the children talk to their father. Smadar Hameiry responded that she wants to return to Israel with the children but that the Brazilian government is not letting her do so. She also stated that if their father wants to talk to the children he can just come to Brazil and talk to them in Brazil. The 3 Judges concluded that Smadar Hameiry does not want to return with the children to Israel, and that she does not want to let their father talk to them. They stated that:

"Smadar Hameiry is a crazy woman from a family of criminals. She is never going to let you talk to your children, even if she returns with them to Israel. She is just going to try to create problems for you."

"If she is not going to let you talk to your children, it's better that she stays in Brazil."

"Smadar Hameiry is a very dangerous woman. If she is going to hurt the children, it's better she do it in Brazil, not in Israel. Let the Brazilians deal with it."

"We already have enough crazy women here, we don't need to bring another one from Brazil."

"Women like Smadar Hameiry belong in jail or in a mental institution."

"The Brazilians are a bunch of criminals." (referring to the Brazilian Judges)

"The children were abducted by Chabad. Chabad is only using Smadar Hameiry to kidnap your children, and when they no longer need her they will dump her like garbage."

"More than being crazy or criminal, Smadar Hameiry and her parents and brothers are being stupid. If they would be smart, Smadar Hameiry would be here in Israel letting you talk to your children and getting money from you."

One of the Judges stated that: "If I would be able to talk to Smadar Hameiry and give her advice on what to do, I would advice her to return to Israel immediately with the children, and to allow the children to talk with their father. But she would not listen to me or do what I advise her to do, because she is so crazy and stupid, that she thinks she is very smart and she can fool the entire world. But she is just fooling herself."

When he returned to Israel, the children's father asked several Rabbis, Torah Scholars, and Roshei Yeshivot, why did chabad kidnap his children. The answer he got was unanimous and very simple:

"The reason that chabad kidnaped your children is because chabad is not Jewish. chabad is a religious cult, a messianic cult, and a criminal organization, who uses Jewish symbols to fool people into believing that they are Jewish, but in reality, chabad is not Jewish."

"Real Jewish people do not kidnap children."

"The reason that chabad kidnaped your children from Florida to Brazil is to keep them in the chabad school. The chabad school in Florida found out you were planning to move them to a different school, so they convinced Smadar Hameiry to kidnap them to Brazil, where she would be forced to put them into a chabad school. They destroyed another Jewish family and made Smadar Hameiry dependent on them. This worked out for them because Smadar Hameiry obviously has severe mental problems, and she is extremely stupid."

International Parental Abduction


Child being abducted by plane

Evidence shows that the reason Smadar Hameiry abducted the 3 children to Brazil
was to make her husband suffer. Smadar Hameiry does not care that she is also
hurting the children with her actions, she just wants to make her now ex-husband
suffer. But in fact, the children are suffering a lot more than their father.

All child psychologists with experience in this kind of parental abductions agree that the
longer the children remain abducted, the more severe their psychological trauma will be.

The Children Are The Victims In This Abduction!

"Parental abduction can have a devastating impact on the child who is abducted.
Parentally abducted children are at risk of developing severe psychiatric
such as reactive attachment disorder and developmental problems. The
trauma experienced is the result of abuse or neglect, inflicted by a primary
which disrupts the normal development of secure attachment."

The Council for Children's Rights (Washington, D.C.) notes that parental
abduction and parental alienation are considered a form of child abuse.

"Because of the harmful effects on children, parental kidnapping has been
characterized as a form of child abuse"
- American Bar Association.

This is not a custody battle between Smadar Hameiry and her ex-husband. This is a case
where Smadar Hameiry has abducted and is illegally retaining the children in Brazil!

Smadar Hameiry is in direct violation of Court Orders from the USA which clearly indicate
that Smadar Hameiry abducted the children to Brazil and is illegally preventing the
children to communicate with their father. Also, Smadar Hameiry is ignoring a Federal
Court Order from Brazil which says that Smadar Hameiry MUST allow the children to
communicate with their father. Brazil is in direct violation of International and
Brazilian Laws for refusing to return the children to Florida. Brazil has nevertheless
agreed that Smadar Hameiry travel back with the children to Israel, but Smadar Hameiry
refuses to do so.

Also, several people within the chabad organization are directly responsible for this abduction
and for illegally retaining the children in Brazil.

Several Rabbis stated that: "This is another Jewish family destroyed by chabad."
And the 3 Israeli Judges who reviewed this case stated that: "chabad is directly responsible for
kidnaping these 3 children to Brazil, and for keeping them in Brazil." One of the Judges
added: "But Smadar Hameiry is not innocent. If she did something like this she obviously
has some serious mental problems, and she is a very evil woman. Can't you see she is
completely crazy?"

Smadar Hameiry is giving the 3 children severe psychological trauma

"The emotional toll on children kidnapped in family abductions is no less severe than
when a child is abducted by a stranger. Most parental abduction cases involve
children taken out of anger or vengeance against a spouse, not love for a child.

The trauma of family abduction is often compounded by lies. A child might be told
that the left-behind parent is dead, dangerous or doesn't love them anymore.
And the deeper the deceit, the harder it can be for a child to recover when returned."

(Source: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

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