These children have been kidnapped for 3593 days, 4 hours

Smadar Hameiry's Excuse for Abducting the Three Children

The excuse Smadar Hameiry has given for removing the three children
from the United States without telling her husband, is that she and
the children had a tourist visa that had expired, and therefore
she just had to leave the country immediately...


In her signed affidavit to the Florida Court Smadar Hameiry claims that:

My husband provided me with no information relating to, or regarding,
any applications or petitions that had been filed regarding our and
the children's status in the United States.

I never signed any immigration petition or other documentation, that
I am aware of, seeking to alter mine and my children's immigration
status in the United States.

Prior to departing Florida for Brazil, I even consulted with an immigration
attorney. When I consulted with the immigration attorney, I was advised
that unless I could provide positive proof of a timely filed, non-frivolous
change of status, ..., the situation provided no other choice other than
to leave the United States, with my children, as soon as possible.

Since arriving in Brazil, I have since heard that my husband may have
secured an [immigration] Visa. I have no knowledge of this visa,
nor any visa that may extend to myself and the children.

On December 5, 2006, Smadar Hameiry signed and submitted an I-539
Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status for herself and
her three children. As supporting evidence for this application
Smadar Hameiry used the immigration visa of her husband.

In an email dated March 26, 2007, Howard Poznanski, Smadar Hameiry's
divorce attorney in Florida, explains to Smadar Hameiry's husband:

This is to provide you notice that your wife, Smadar, has left to Brazil
with the children, Hanan, Haim, and Itai.

Without immigration documentation evidencing a right to remain in the
United States, after discussing the matter with an immigration attorney,
Diana Levy, Esquire (954) 342-0206, your wife was advised that
she and the children need to leave the United States.

This email was sent after Smadar's husband emailed Carin Hameiry,
sister-in-law of Smadar Hameiry, asking about Smadar's location,
and after he contacted the children's school.

Did Smadar Hameiry informed any of the two Florida attorneys that she
consulted before leaving the country that she had signed and submitted
an I-539 Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status?

NO! Smadar Hameiry never told any of her attorneys that she in fact had,
on December 5, 2006, signed and submited an application to extend/change her
nonimmigrant status. Howard Poznanski has stated that Smadar Hameiry
lied to him
, and that she never told him that in fact she had sign such
an application before she left the country. Diana Levy has also stated
that Smadar Hameiry lied to her
, as she never told her she had signed
and submitted on time the required immigration application.

Why did Smadar Hameiry lied to her attorneys? What was the reason Smadar
Hameiry consulted with an immigration attorney before she left the country
and then not told the immigration attorney the truth?

Smadar Hameiry knew and understood very well the immigration laws involved.
She had no reason to consult with an immigration attorney, other than to
fabricate evidence and create an alibi. In fact, Smadar was well aware
that international parental abduction is a crime, and tried to create
the necessary evidence and alibi in order to try to get away with it.

Was this an attempt to fabricate evidence or to obtain documentation
necessary for leaving the country with the three children?

YES! Smadar Hameiry had no reason to talk to Rivka Denburg, Diana Levy,
and Howard Poznanski before she left the country, other than to fabricate
evidence and create an alibi as to why she was leaving the country. Also, it
appears that Smadar Hameiry may have forged some documents that she
needed to leave the country, with the assistance of these people.

Why did Howard Poznanski and/or Diana Levy never told Smadar Hameiry
to tell her husband that she was going to leave the country?

The real question would be: Why did Howard Poznanski and Diana Levy
decided to assist Smadar Hameiry in abducting the children to Brazil?

Because Smadar Hameiry was referred to them by Rivka Denburg. Otherwise,
Howard Poznanski and Diana Levy would have not assisted Smadar Hameiry
in abducting the children to Brazil, because they would have not believed
her story. Smadar Hameiry first fooled Rivka Denburg and other people at
the Hebrew Academy Community School in Margate, Florida, and only then
was she able to fool Howard Poznanski and Diana Levy.

Smadar Hameiry and Howard Poznanski, Smadar's Florida divorce attorney, have
stated that Diana Levy, an immigration attorney, advised Smadar Hameiry to
leave the country immediately. But, what exactly did Diana Levy said?

Diana Levy has stated that she NEVER advised Smadar Hameiry to leave
the United States!
What Diana Levy told Smadar Hameiry was that
IF Smadar Hameiry did not file an immigration application before the
expiration date of her current tourist visa, THEN she should leave the
But Smadar Hameiry knew very well that on December 5, 2006,
she in fact had signed and submitted an application to change/extend her
non-immigrant status. And therefore, based on the advise that she received
from Diana Levy, what Diana Levy actually advised Smadar Hameiry was that
Smadar Hameiry should NOT leave the United States.

Diana Levy added that she also told Smadar Hameiry that if she intends to
leave the United States, she should inform her husband, as having an
expired tourist visa is NOT AN EXCUSE for commiting child abduction.

On January 23, 2007, the I-539 Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant
Status submitted by Smadar Hameiry was approved, and Smadar Hameiry
and her three children, Yehezkel Hanan , Israel Haim ,
and Yoshua Itai , were granted a new immigration status,
valid from January 23, 2007, to September 30, 2007.

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