These children have been kidnapped for 3593 days, 4 hours

Partners in Crime: Who is an Accomplice?

Anyone who intentionally participates in a crime or helps a criminal before,
during, or after the crime may be held responsible for it.

Howard Poznanski is a Professional Child Abductor. This is his job. He helps women
kidnap their children to foreign countries in order to prevent their fathers to have
any contact with them. Howard Poznanski was hired to assist Smadar Hameiry in
kidnapping these children to Brazil. Howard Poznanski advised Smadar Hameiry
telling her what she needed to do in order to fool the Police and the Courts.

An accomplice is one who intentionally helps another to commit a crime. Even if
an accomplice does not carry out the crime, in the eyes of the law the
accomplice's crime assistance makes him or her just as guilty
as the person who commits the crime itself.

The Rules of Professional Conduct of The Florida Bar state the following:

  • Rule 4-1.2(d) prohibits the lawyer from assisting a client in conduct that the
    lawyer knows or reasonably should know is criminal or fraudulent.
  • Rule 4-1.6(b) requires a lawyer to reveal information to the extent the lawyer
    reasonably believes necessary to prevent a client from committing a crime.
  • Rule 4-3.3(a)(2) requires a lawyer to reveal a material fact to the tribunal when
    disclosure is necessary to avoid assisting a criminal or fraudulent act by the client.
  • Rule 4-3.3(a)(4) prohibits a lawyer from offering false evidence and requires the
    lawyer to take reasonable remedial measures when false material evidence has
    been offered.
  • Rule 4-3.4(b) prohibits a lawyer from fabricating evidence or assisting a witness
    to testify falsely.
  • Rule 4-8.4(a) prohibits the lawyer from violating the Rules of Professional
    Conduct or knowingly assisting another to do so.
  • Rule 4-8.4(b) prohibits a lawyer from committing a criminal act that reflects
    adversely on the lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer.
  • Rule 4-8.4(c) prohibits a lawyer from engaging in conduct involving dishonesty,
    fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.
  • Rule 4-8.4(d) prohibits a lawyer from engaging in conduct that is prejudicial
    to the administration of justice.
  • While there may be a few questions about the involvement of Diana Levy in this abduction,
    there are some very big questions about the role played by Howard Poznaski in this crime.
    Apparently, Howard Poznanski broke all the above Rules of Professional Conduct.

    According to Howard Poznanski, when he first met Smadar Hameiry, she told him that she
    wanted to abduct the children to Brazil and ask him how to get away with this without
    being charged with the crime of International Parental Kidnapping.

    Howard Poznanski told her exactly what to do, and later on, assisted her in providing
    false information to the police in order to prevent a police investigation, and then
    assisted Smadar Hameiry in providing false information to the Florida Court in order
    to stop the divorce proceedings taking place in Florida. But why did he do it?

    The official version is that Smadar Hameiry fooled him into assisting her in the
    abduction of the three children to Brazil. She was probably able to fool him
    because she came recommended to him by Rivka Denburg of the Hebrew Academy.


    According to Howard Poznanski, during the month of June 2007, following a request
    of the children's father through his divorce attorney, he advised Smadar Hameiry
    to immediately and unconditionally allow the children to talk to their father over
    the phone everyday. This is very important from a legal point of view, as preventing
    the children from talking to their father is considered an act of Parental Alienation
    upon the children and this could be considered by the Court as child abuse.
    Smadar Hameiry rejected this advice and told Howard Poznanski that her Brazilian
    attorney had advised her not to let the children talk to their father.

    On July 17, 2007, Howard Poznanski told the children's father that Smadar Hameiry lied
    to him from the beginning, and that if he had known what he knows today about her, he
    would have refused to assist her. He also said that the immigration attorney, Diana
    Levy, was the one who provided Smadar Hameiry with all the documentation necessary
    to leave the country with the three children. And that Rivka Denburg of the Hebrew
    Academy was the one who came up with the idea of abducting the children to Brazil.

    Howard Poznanski was not the first nor the last person to tell the children's father that
    Rivka Denburg was the one who came up with the idea of kidnapping the children to Brazil.

    So why did Howard Poznanski assist Smadar Hameiry in abducting the children to Brazil?
    Was it because he was helping Rivka Denburg get rid of Smadar Hameiry? Or was it because
    Smadar Hameiry manipulated Rivka Denburg, Howard Poznanski, and others into assisting
    her in kidnapping the children to Brazil? The Rabbis have answered this question.

    Also on July 17, 2007, Howard Poznanski told the left behind parent that he has to be thankful to
    him because he did not convince Smadar Hameiry to file for divorce in Florida instead of
    kidnapping the children to Brazil, because then it would have been much worse for him.

    According to Howard Poznanski, if Smadar Hameiry would have filed for divorce in Florida
    instead of kidnapping the children to Brazil, not only would the left behind parent not been able to
    see his children for a few years, but also it would have costed him about $2,000,000 over
    the next 15 years. If that's the case, then why didn't he tell that to Smadar Hameiry?

    The performance of Howard Poznanski during the divorce trial made it obvious that he was not
    working for Smadar Hameiry but for Yossi Denburg, owner of the Hebrew Academy. For example,
    he accused Smadar Hameiry of being illegally in the country, and of obtaining her immigration
    visa illegally. He did that by using Smadar Hameiry's own affidavit, which HE WROTE FOR HER,
    where Smadar Hameiry accuses her husband of having obtained the visa illegally. So, according
    to Howard Poznanski, if the left behind parent obtained his visa illegally, then also Smadar Hameiry
    obtained her visa illegally, because her visa depended on his visa.

    The Rabbis have answered this question.

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