These children have been kidnapped for 3593 days, 4 hours

Hebrew Academy Community School in Margate, Florida

Officials at the Hebrew Academy Community School in Margate Florida are directly
responsible for the abduction of these three children to Brazil. Hebrew Academy
Community School officials were fully aware that Smadar Hameiry was planning
to abduct the three children to Brazil and did not informed her husband.

Hebrew Academy Community School officials may have assisted Smadar Hameiry before,
during and after the abduction of these three students at the school. Also, Hebrew
Academy Community School officials may have encouraged, advised and
convinced, Smadar Hameiry to abduct the three children to Brazil.

Why would they do something like that?

About 10 days after arriving in the USA, Smadar Hameiry signed an employment contract
with "Rabbi" Yossi Denburg of the Hebrew Academy Community School. Smadar was not even
looking for work at the school, and she never enjoyed working there. She was hired
as part of a "Scholarship" plan for her children proposed to her by the school.

Before signing her employment contract, Smadar Hameiry was told by school officials
that it was NOT illegal for her to sign such a contract. In order to convince her,
school officials told Smadar that they do this type of agreements "all the time".

In fact, when Smadar Hameiry started working at the Hebrew Academy Community School
she discovered that indeed several other staff members had similar agreements with
the school, exchanging their work for their children's tuition at the school.

Being a smart woman, Smadar Hameiry immediately understood that the school had not
done her any favors by giving free tuition to her children in exchange for her work at the
school. What the Hebrew Academy Community School did was to save a very large
amount of money by having several teachers working for free at the school.

Or to be more specific, a very large number of people working for free at the school
that were not properly trained, not legally licensed, and completely unmotivated.
And the parents of the children in the school were totally unaware of this.

In fact, the parents of the children at the school were unaware of many other things.
According to Smadar Hameiry, less than 20% of the children at the school actually
paid their full tuition. One of the main complaints of Smadar Hameiry about her
work at the school was that she was not allowed to freely speak to the children's
parents about various issues. Only a few trusted teachers were allowed to do so.

In other words, it appears that the official policy of the Hebrew Academy Community
School is to lie to the parents. To deliberately hide information from the student's
parents so they do not remove their children from the school. Smadar Hameiry
was constantly telling her husband that if the parents knew what was going on
at the school, they would all "remove their children from the school".

When a mother works as a teacher or assistant teacher at the Hebrew Academy Community
School in exchange for her children's tuition, the school has to pay no salary to that
employee. The additional children at the school carry no additional costs for the
school, the agreement only covers tuition, and the parents pay other expenses.

The barter agreement commonly used at the Hebrew Academy Community School provides
several tax benefits as well. In this case, this barter agreement provided employment
tax savings for the school of about $5,035 just for the unpaid
taxes related to Smadar Hameiry's employment at the school.

Considering that the same agreement existed for several other of the school employees
and that the school has been operating this way since it was founded about 18 years
ago, and adding the interest fees and fines that would have to be paid to the IRS
if this scheme were to be discovered now, a very good motive existed for the
school to try to cover up this employment contract, and for the school to
encourage, advice and convince Smadar Hameiry into leaving the country.

On October 18, 2007, a tax related lawsuit was filed against the school.

Smadar Hameiry learned that not only was this type of employment agreement very common
at the school, but that the school was actively seeking and recruiting teachers and
other staff at the school in this manner. In fact, the school would much rather
hire an unqualified teacher that would work for her child's tuition than to
hire a qualified teacher that would require a paycheck.

The lack of motivation of these unqualified employees at the school was reflected in the low
educational standards at the school. During the last weeks preceding the abduction, Smadar
Hameiry said that if the parents of the children at the school knew what was happening at
the school, "they would all remove their children from the school". She said that: "it is
better for my children not to be in school, than to be in that school"

Although Smadar Hameiry never liked the Hebrew Academy Community School, the problems
with the school complicated even more after the three children were registered for
the 2007-08 school year at a different school in Boca Raton. As part of the admission
process, the new school requested the children's records from the Hebrew Academy
Community School. Not only were the records never sent, but also school officials
became furious when they learned that their Kindergarten teacher had registered her
three children at a different school for the next school year. Officials at the school
told Smadar: "after everything we have done for you, is this how you repay us?".

Although Smadar Hameiry was always treated badly at the Hebrew Academy Community School,
the situation now worsened. She complained that she was being treated as a second-class
citizen at the school and that Rivka Denburg, the school principal, was abusive and
disrespectful towards her. At first, her husband thought she was exaggerating about
the problems with the Hebrew Academy Community School, but other teachers later told
him that the way teachers were being treated at the school was indeed horrible.

At this time, Smadar also started asking her husband if the contract she had signed with
the school was not illegal. She suddenly became worried that she had done something
illegal when she signed her employment contract with the Hebrew Academy Community
School. Did someone at the school made her believe it was illegal? Did officials
at the school used this contract to convice Smadar to leave the country?

Smadar constantly made several negative comments about the Hebrew Academy Community
School in general and about Rivka Denburg, the school principal, in particular. She also
started saying that the school was full of strange and ignorant people, and that if the
school would do everything legal it would be much smaller. One day she said that
she was going to make a revolution at the school to try to improve the situation.

During her last weeks in Florida, Smadar Hameiry told her husband that she wanted to take out
her children from the Hebrew Academy Community School immediately. She was desperately
saying that the school was not a good place for her children, and that her children would
be better off by not going to school that by going to that school. She was constantly
saying about the people in the school that: "these are not my people!"

When the children's father first learned that his wife had taken his three children to
Brazil, he never thought that the Hebrew Academy Community School in Margate,
Florida, was involved in any way in this terrible incident.

On March 26, 2007, the children's father called the Hebrew Academy Community School to try to
talk to Yossi or Rivka Denburg or to any of his children's teachers or her wife's friends
at the school, to ask them if they knew anything. But he was not allowed to do so.

On April 23, 2007, the children's father again asked if he could speak to Rivka or Yossi Denburg
in order to ask them what happened during the last days before Smadar Hameiry left the country
with his three children. He was told that in the school he could only speak to Carol Stav.

[Details of the conversation between Carol Stav and the children's father have been removed]

Apparently, the reason that officials at the Hebrew Academy Community School assisted Smadar Hameiry
in leaving the country was not because of some stories she had told them, but because they were
protecting their own financial interests. The fact that Carol Stav constantly used words such
as "crazy" and "criminal" when referring to Smadar Hameiry indicates that Carol Stav
and other officials at the school cared nothing about the well being of Smadar or her children.
School officials convinced Smadar Hameiry to leave the country in order to get rid of her!

On July 3, 2007, Howard Poznanski, the Florida divorce attorney for Smadar Hameiry confirmed the
direct involvement of Rivka Denburg in the abduction of the three children when he told the
children's father that Rivka Denburg recommended his services to Smadar Hameiry.

On July 17, 2007, Howard Poznanski admitted to the children's father that although his client, Smadar
Hameiry, had never paid him any money directly, he doesn't work for free and that someone is paying
all of his legal fees in this case but that he doesn't know exactly who was paying his legal fees.
Could it be possible that Rivka Denburg or Yossi Denburg were paying his legal fees?

The fact is that no one at the Hebrew Academy Community School wanted to cooperate with the
children's father in his attempts to obtain information from the people who knew his wife in
the school. The fact is that school officials had a very good motive for convincing Smadar
Hameiry to leave the country. Maybe they were afraid that if a divorce took place in Florida,
they would have to fully disclose their employment agreement to the Florida courts?

The fact is that Hebrew Academy Community School officials refused to cooperate with the children's
father and to provide the required information, even after a Subpoena was issued to the school, and
even after an Order to Comply was issued to the school. And the school prefers to be in Contempt of
Court rather than to provide vital information that may help the children's father in his efforts to
recover his children. This makes the school a suspect in this child abduction case.

A Kindergarten teacher at the school abducted three children studying at the school, and
the school refuses to cooperate, apparently to protect their financial interests.

The fact that the children's father filed for divorce in Florida instead of chasing his wife to Brazil
was an unexpected response that ruined the plans of the Hebrew Academy Community School
of keeping their alleged illegal activities away from the Florida Courts.

Smadar Hameiry did not require the advice or assistance of Rivka Denburg, Carol Stav,
Howard Poznanski, and Diana Levy, to abduct her three children to Brazil. She could have just
boarded an airplane and taken her three children to Brazil without any help from them.

The fact that two attorneys and several people at the Hebrew Academy Community School are
directly involved in this abduction case is an indication of their direct responsibility in
this matter. Howard Poznanski even provided false information to the Florida Court
in an effort to protect himself and the other people involved.

Anyone who intentionally participates in a crime or helps a criminal before,
during, or after the crime may be held responsible for it.
An accomplice is one
who intentionally helps another to commit a crime. Even if an accomplice does not
carry out the crime, in the eyes of the law the accomplice's crime assistance
makes him or her just as guilty as the person who commits the crime itself.

All children have the right to a good education. Education is not just as an acquisition of
knowledge and skills, but an inculcation of ethics and morals to help children grow up to be
decent and productive citizens. The Hebrew Academy Community School has broken all the
basic principles established by a decent society. The Hebrew Academy Community School
has commited a crime against the children that they were supposed to protect and educate.

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