These children have been kidnapped for 3446 days, 21 hours

The children were kidnapped by Smadar Hameiry

I M A   M E S H U G A

Smadar Hameiry is reportedly hiding (with the 3 children)
in her parents house in Sao Paulo Brasil:
Zvi Hameiry and Rivka Hameiry
Rua Baron Itu, 311 AP 103
Santa Cecilia - Sao Paulo - SP - CEP: 01231

Smadar Hameiry may also be hiding (with the 3 children) at:
Rua Francisco Baltazar De Araujo No 325
Bairro Arujamerica, Aruja - SP - CEP: 07400

She may also use the following addresses to hide in the future:

Yaron Hameiry (Smadar's brother) and his wife Carin Hameiry
Rua S Vicente Paula, 152 AP 63
Santa Cecilia - Sao Paulo - SP - CEP: 01229

Yaron Hameiry and his wife work at:
Tayar Eventos Turismo
Rua Dona Avelina, 68
Vila Mariana - Sao Paulo - SP - CEP: 04111

Shmuel Alon Hameiry (Smadar's brother) and Tania Hameiry
(We have not yet located their address in Rio de Janeiro)

Another address the abductors might be using:
Rua Habitat, 283 - Pereque-Acu - Ubatuba

Smadar Hameiry is a very good actor and story-teller. Otherwise, she would
not have been able to steal these 3 children from her trusting husband. If she
was able to fool her husband, who knew her very well, she can fool anybody.

Smadar Hameiry is very smart. She has 3 Master degrees in Science and Engineering, and
speaks 5 languages. Smadar Hameiry told her husband that she used to work as an executive
in a multinational corporation, where she managed over 3,000 workers.

Before Smadar Hameiry left the USA, she consulted with at least 2 Florida attorneys,
Howard Poznansky and Diana Levy, and then decided to abduct the children and
leave the country. Smadar Hameiry was referred to those attorneys by Rivka Denburg,
principal of the Hebrew Academy Community School. Smadar Hameiry is very smart,
she is well informed, and she knows exactly what she is doing

Why didn't Smadar Hameiry file for divorce in Florida
instead of abducting the children to Brazil?

Smadar Hameiry was scheduled to see a clinical psychologist on Thursday March 22 at noon.
She was going to start Anger Management Therapy and was going to be sent for a
Psychiatric Evaluation, because of a mental breakdown that Smadar had on February 24.

In a Florida Divorce, Smadar Hameiry would have received a house, a car, lots of money, and
custody of the children, unless a mental problem would be found during her psychiatric
evaluation. To avoid any such risks, Smadar Hameiry took the children and ran away.

All Florida lawyers agree that Mr. Bordaty was extremely lucky that Smadar Hameiry decided
to abduct the children to Brazil instead of filing for divorce in Florida, among other things,
because of the huge amount of money Mr. Bordaty would have had to pay Smadar Hameiry.
In most other cases, women abducted their children AFTER they get divorced, because of the
money. An excuse is irrelevant and not really required. They always get away with it.

Court records clearly show that the intention was ONLY to abduct the children to Brazil, and
NOT to get divorced. Smadar Hameiry also refused to receive the GET initially.
Smadar Hameiry took the money from her husband BEFORE she abducted the children to Brazil. So,
why would Smadar Hameiry want to get divorced? She already had the children AND the money.

The reason that Smadar Hameiry is hurting her children, is to hurt her ex-husband.
Why would a very smart woman do this to her own children? Because she is crazy!

Studies show that someone who commits an act of Parental Abduction has mental problems. When the
abducting mother also prevents the children from talking to their father, she is also commiting
an act of Parental Alienation. This is an indication of a serious mental disorder.

Smadar Hameiry suffers from Bipolar Disorder, Attachment Disorder, and DRMMS. She has these
mental disorders because of the way she was treated by her parents when she was a child.

Smadar Hameiry is also a Pathological Liar. She was dishonest with her now ex-husband from the
day she met him. During the years they were married, Smadar Hameiry transferred large
amounts of money, that she obtained from her husband, to her parents in Brazil.

Before she put this plan into action, Smadar Hameiry knew perfectly well that International
Parental Abduction
is a crime. Which explains why she started to fabricate evidence a
few weeks before leaving the country. Smadar Hameiry fooled many people
in Israel and Florida, and now she is fooling many people in Brazil.

Various factors contributed to this abduction. The main factor is the mental condition of Smadar
Hameiry. Another factor is the encouragement from her parents and brothers. Those 2 factors
alone would have been enough. But several other people are also involved.

When angry, Smadar's head would turn red, and her
veins would pop up in her forehead and her neck...

It's not so funny when your wife gets angry like this...

Smadar Hameiry is a Pathological Liar

It appears that everything that Smadar Hameiry says is a lie, and that she believes
her own lies. One example is her sworn affidavit submited to the Florida Court
during the Florida divorce proceedings.

In her sworn affidavit Smadar Hameiry states: "During my stay in Florida, from July 28, 2006,
through March 20, 2007, my children and I were in Florida only as visitors. I never signed
any immigration petition or other documentation, that I am aware of, seeking to alter
mine and my children's immigration status in the United States."

But in fact, on December 5, 2006, Smadar Hameiry signed and submitted an I-539 Application to
Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status for herself and her three children to an L2 status. As
supporting evidence for this application Smadar Hameiry used the L1 Visa of her husband.

On January 23, 2007, the I-539 Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status submitted by
Smadar Hameiry, was approved. Smadar Hameiry, and her three children, Yehezkel Hanan Bordaty,
Israel Haim Bordaty, and Yoshua Itai Bordaty, were granted an L2 immigration status valid
from January 23, 2007, to September 30, 2007.

On her sworn affidavit submitted to the Florida Court, Smadar Hameiry states that:
"The wedding ceremony took place on Brazilian soil as the wedding ceremony
took place at the Brazilian embassy in Israel."

But in reality, the wedding ceremony took place in Jerusalem, Israel, in front of many guests.
Smadar Hameiry falsely wrote in her affidavit that the wedding ceremony took place on Brazilian soil,
because, according to Brazilian law, this was a requirement for her to file for divorce in Brazil.

On her sworn affidavit Smadar Hameiry states: "During my stay in Florida,
from July 28, 2006, through March 20, 2007, I was not employed."

Nevertheless, Smadar Hameiry signed an employment contract with the Hebrew Academy Community
School of Margate, Florida, on August 10, 2006, to work for the school as a teacher's assistant.

Also in August of 2006, Smadar Hameiry and her husband registered their 3 children at the
Hebrew Academy Community School of Margate, Florida, and medical exams and forms
were completed for the children as required by the school under Florida Law.

And on February 2007, Smadar Hameiry and her husband filled and submitted applications
for admission for their 3 children at the Hillel Day School of Boca Raton, Florida,
for the 2007-08 school year.

On her sworn affidavit, Smadar Hameiry also stated that she didn't even know her husband's name
in Spanish. Nevertheless, the I-539 Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status signed by
Smadar Hameiry states her husband name in Spanish. Furthermore, the Mexican birth certificates
of the 3 children that were issued by the Mexican Embassy in Tel-Aviv, Israel, which were
signed by Smadar Hameiry and by two witnesses, also state her husband name in Spanish.

Smadar Hameiry appears to be unable to tell the truth

During the ongoing Hague Convention proceedings taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Brazilian
prosecutor handling the case for the Brazilian government stated at one point that it appears
that everything that Smadar Hameiry has told them is a lie.

In Brazil, Smadar Hameiry stated that the wedding ceremony had taken place in Brazilian soil at
the Brazilian embassy in Tel-Aviv. But that later proved to be a lie as it was discovered
that the wedding ceremony had in fact taken place in Jerusalem, Israel.

Smadar Hameiry also stated that her tourist visa in the USA had expired, and that she had become
an illegal in the USA, and that she had to immediately leave the country. Then it was discovered
that Smadar Hameiry had never become illegal in the USA, and therefore, that there was
no need for her or for her children to leave the USA with such a hurry.

Also, Smadar Hameiry stated that she was not aware that there had been a divorce proceeding in Florida
and that she had lost legal custody of the children at those proceedings, precisely because she had
wrongfully removed her children from Florida. But later on, it was discover that not only was
Smadar Hameiry fully aware of the Florida divorce proceedings, but she even had a Florida
attorney representing her and defending her divorce and custody case in Florida.

Why didn't Smadar Hameiry take the children back to Israel
instead of abducting them to Brazil?

This is an interesting question. The children were born in Israel. The family came from Israel.
Shortly before leaving Florida, Smadar Hameiry told several people that the family was going
back to Israel and, from Brazil, she has told several people she wants to go back to Israel.
No one is stopping Smadar Hameiry from going back to Israel. So why are the children
still in Brazil? Is this just one more lie in a long list of lies? It probably is.

Smadar Hameiry is saying that she wants to go back to Israel with the children but that her
ex-husband is not letting her go back to Israel. This despite the fact that her ex-husband
opened a case with the Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem in February 2010 so they can assist
Smadar Hameiry in returning with the children to Israel, in case she needed help.

Smadar Hameiry responded that she wants to take the children back home to Israel but that her
ex-husband is not letting the children go back to Israel, and that he told the Brazilian
authorities to prevent the children from leaving Brazil. Smadar Hameiry also said that
she did not want the Israeli Court to assist her in returning the children to Israel.

Mr. Bordaty has requested to the relevant authorities that his children be returned to Israel
and, on 7 August 2009, the Brazilian Federal Court handling the Parental Abduction case issued
an Order stating that Smadar Hameiry can return to Israel with the children if she wishes
to do so. No one is stopping Smadar Hameiry from going back to Israel with the children.
It seems that Smadar Hameiry has no intention of taking the children back to Israel.

It appears that Smadar Hameiry is saying that she wants to return the children to Israel only
to get public support for her actions. Apparently, Smadar Hameiry is saying that she needs to
get a notarized document from her ex-husband giving her permission to travel to Israel with
the children. This is obviously NOT required since the abducted children are being held
illegally in Brazil. If Smadar Hameiry wishes to return to Israel with the children,
all that she has to do is to take a direct flight from Sao Paulo Brazil to Israel.

"Anybody knows how the Family Courts work in Israel. As soon as the children are back in
Israel, Mr. Bordaty is going to have to pay Smadar Hameiry a lot of money in child
support for those children. Nobody takes little children away from their mother, not
in Israel, and not in Florida. The only thing that Smadar Hameiry is achieving by
staying in Brazil is losing money and causing greater harm to her children."

Smadar Hameiry is a very manipulative, cunning, smart woman

Smadar Hameiry manipulated Mr. Bordaty into getting married with her. During their marriage
she manipulated him into giving her lots of money which she sent to her parents in Brazil.
Smadar Hameiry also manipulated Mr. Bordaty into moving to Florida, and from Florida she
easily abducted the 3 children to Brazil. But, is she also manipulating everyone else?

The evidence shows that Smadar Hameiry planned to abduct the children to Brazil while the
family was still in Israel. In fact, Smadar Hameiry wanted to abduct the children to Brazil
even before she got married to Mr. Bordaty!!! From the day she got married, Smadar Hameiry
sent lots of money she took from her husband back to her parents in Brazil. Smadar Hameiry
got married to have children and make money, NOT to form a family with her husband.

In Brazil nobody wanted to get married to Smadar Hameiry because they knew her and her family,
so she went to a place where nobody knew her or her family, to fool someone to marry her.

Smadar Hameiry knew all along what she was doing

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