These children have been kidnapped for 3593 days, 4 hours


Hebrew Academy Community School, Inc. et al

Defendant: Hebrew Academy Community School, Inc. and Joseph Denberg
Case Number: 0:2007cv61498
Filed: October 18, 2007
Court: Florida Southern District Court
Office: Fort Lauderdale Office
County: Broward
Presiding Judge:   Judge Paul C. Huck
Referring Judge:   Magistrate Judge Andrea M. Simonton
Nature of Suit: Federal Tax Suits - Taxes (US Plaintiff or Defendant)
Cause: 26:7402 IRS: Petition to Enforce IRS Summons
Jurisdiction: U.S. Government Plaintiff

Note: Joseph Denberg is also known as Rabbi Yossi Denburg

Some quotes from this case:

"This action is brought by the United States of America to enjoin Hebrew Academy
Community School, Inc. ("Hebrew Academy") and Joseph Denberg ("Denberg") from
violating and interfering with the administration of the internal revenue laws."

"As an employer, Hebrew Academy is obligated to withhold from its employees' wages
federal income and Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes, and to pay
over those withholdings to the IRS, along with its own employer's share of FICA
taxes and Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) taxes."

"Since 1997, Hebrew Academy, formerly known as Hebrew Academy Lubavitch, has deliberately
failed to make current employment tax deposits and has, instead, used these trust funds
as working capital, a practice referred to as 'pyramiding.'"

"Based on prior conduct, Denberg and Hebrew Academy will likely continue to pyramid
additional employment taxes at the rate of $82,000 per quarter. Hebrew Academy's
assets are insufficient to satisfy the current obligation in excess of
$2.3 Million Dollars."

Click here to read the entire text in this court case

So why and how is this employment tax fraud case related to the abduction case of
Yehezkel Hanan, Israel Haim, and Yoshua Itai ? The fact is that the only logical
explanation for the assistance and encouragement given to Smadar Hameiry to abduct
the 3 children to Brazil is the fact that Yossi and Rivka Denburg wanted to hide
the fact that Smadar Hameiry was working at the Hebrew Academy Community School
in order for them to hide the fact that employment taxes were not being paid.

But if this tax fraud is already being investigated by the IRS, why did Yossi Denburg
and his wife Rivka Denburg wanted to hide Smadar Hameiry's employment at the Hebrew
Academy Community School? Because Smadar Hameiry, just like many other employees
at the school, was never registered as an employee of the school in order to avoid
paying her employment related taxes. And if this fact would come out to the public,
it could be discovered that Yossi Denburg and the Hebrew Academy Community School
owed much more than $2.3 Million. This amount could double, triple, or much more.

What about the 2 lawyers who advised and assisted Smadar Hameiry in leaving the country
with the 3 children, were they also aware of this tax fraud? Maybe. The 2 lawyers
who advised and assisted Smadar Hameiry in leaving the country, Howard Poznansky and
Diana Levy, are both members of the Chabad Lubavitch organization and have a direct
connection to the Hebrew Academy Community School and to their owners, Yossi Denburg
and Rivka Denburg. Members of the Chabad Lubavitch organization are known to assist
each other in this type of situations, and maybe the lawyers, Howard Poznansky and
Diana Levy, knew and understood that the reason the Denburgs wanted to get rid of
Smadar Hameiry was to hide this additional tax fraud from the eyes of the law.

Was this abduction the result of a Chabad Lubavitch conspiracy in order to protect
and assist Yossi Denburg in his tax fraud scheme? Apparently so. Not only were the
2 Chabad Lubavitch lawyers involved in this abduction, but it was also discovered
that additional Chabad Lubavitch "Rabbis" including Shaya Pasternak, Yaacov Begun
and Moti Begun, among others, assisted Smadar Hameiry after her arrival in Brazil.
These Chabad "Rabbis" convinced Smadar Hameiry to put her children in the local
Chabad school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, by offering her free tuition for the children.

!!! The children were in fact abducted by Chabad-Lubavitch !!!

This information was published after months of research and investigations in regards
to the abduction of the 3 children. The children's father is a religious Jew who in the
past has given significant donations to the Chabad Lubavitch organization, and who used
to love this organization until he discovered that they are directly involved in the
abduction of his 3 children. At the time they registered their children at the Hebrew
Academy Community School, the childrens' parents were completely unaware that the
Hebrew Academy Community School was owned and operated by criminals.

It is believed that, if the children would have not been students at the Hebrew Academy
Community School, they would have not been abducted to Brazil by Smadar Hameiry. While
the marriage would have eventually ended in divorce, divorce is normal, abduction is a
crime. As of this date, Yossi Denburg and Rivka Denburg have refused to talk to the
children's father
or to provide any information to anybody, including to another South
Florida Rabbi who tried to talk to Yossi Denburg about this issue.

Sadly, we have a moral obligation to inform the public about some of the quotes
obtained from Rabbis, educators, and other members of the South Florida
Jewish Community while investigating this case: "Everybody knows that the Hebrew
Academy does everything illegal", "Chabad is good at 2 things: They know how to
manipulate people, and they know how to take money from people", "Yossi Denburg
is a criminal", "Chabad is a religious cult", "Chabad is a different religion",
"Chabad Kashrut is not Kosher", "Chabad Rabbis are not real Rabbis".

Someone who grew up and was educated in the Chabad Lubavitch organization was asked:
"Do you believe that it is possible that in order to hide their employment tax fraud the
Hebrew Academy decided to encourage and assist Smadar Hameiry in leaving the country?"

His answer: "YES! Definitely YES!!!"

"Furthermore, it is very likely that the employment contract that Smadar Hameiry was
forced to sign when starting to work at the Hebrew Academy Community School was later
used to convince her to leave the country as she was probably told that she had done
something illegal and therefore she could not file for divorce in Florida and had to leave
the country immediately and without telling her husband. She was probably told that
her husband could use this contract against her during a divorce proceeding in Florida."

"This is exactly how Chabad operates!!!"

The person who gave us this answer left the Chabad organization at age 30,
after he understood that the Chabad ideology is significantly
different from mainstream Jewish ideology.

Anyone who intentionally participates in a crime or helps a criminal before,
during, or after the crime may be held responsible for it.
An accomplice is one
who intentionally helps another to commit a crime. Even if an accomplice does not
carry out the crime, in the eyes of the law the accomplice's crime assistance
makes him or her just as guilty as the person who commits the crime itself.

All children have the right to a good education. Education is not just as an acquisition of
knowledge and skills, but an inculcation of ethics and morals to help children grow up to be
decent and productive citizens. The Hebrew Academy Community School has broken all the
basic principles established by a decent society. The Hebrew Academy Community School
has commited a crime against the children that they were supposed to protect and educate.

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